Authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher (KPJAYI – level2)

Vinyasa Yoga teacher (Atmananda Yoga New York)

College of Sports & Sciences
Specialized in Artistic Gymnastics

IAFA College
Aerobic and fitness instructor

Sofia Xirotiri in the early age of 7 started practicing Artistic Gymnastics. As a young enthusiast she realized that this was already  her own path… She was feeling at home flipping and flying at the balance beam, floor exercise, bars. Since then that was her private “secret garden”.

At the age of 18 she switched to Acrobatic Gymnastics, she took part at National Level Competitions winning medals, growing her love and passion for the body disciplines …

Being a member of the National Greek Aerobic Gymnastics Team from the age of 23 until 30 was the peak of her Gymnastics competitive career. She took part in Europeans, Worlds Championships and many Meetings through the world with success…

After twenty-three years of commitment and daily hard training, she had to let go the sport she loved most in her life and not being a gymnast any more. “Life is a balance of holding on and letting go…” At this point of her life she met her Teacher and Inspirator in Ashtanga Yoga, Savva Yiantsi.

At the first years of practicing Ashtanga Yoga with her teacher, she had to heal her own physical and soul injuries after the many years of competitive gymnastic career…  At 2010 she travels for the first time to India, Goa practicing with Taric Tamic and getting more inspired for the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.
After this very first trip, she continues attending Workshops in Ashtanga Yoga (Kino Mc Gregor, Laruga Glaser, Tim Feldmann) and growing her practice with her teacher in Athens.
She travels to New York getting her Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Atmananda Yoga Studio with John Tamayo, while she practiced daily with Eddie Stern and took classes with Dharma Mittra.

On August of 2011 she goes to London to attend her first Workshop with Sharath Jois. From the first practice with Sharath Jois the connection was there… It is there where she decided to travel and study at the KPJAYI in Mysore India. After four trips to India Mysore, she got her Authorization Level 2 and the blessing from the Guru himself, to teach and share this magical Practice.

Her daily practice with her teacher, the trips in Mysore, the Yoga community and teaching at Houseofyoga in Athens, is her inspiration. Sofia takes pleasure and energy by communicating and sharing the teachings of Yoga with all…

“Practice and everything it’ll come… Ι will always be a student”